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Jill Robinson helping bears

jill robinson

First Jill Robinson was shocked, then she set out to stop the suffering  The Great Bear Rescue There is an eerie silence as a blonde Englishwoman walks into a room on a farm in China’s Guangdong Province. As Jill Robinson’s eyes become accustomed to the dim light she…

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Dr Yang Lihe helping former leprosy patients

Yang knew only too well that the suffering of leprosy patients doesn't end when the disease is cured. Most suffer lingering nerve damage, deformities and disabilities; many have no home to return to and are stigmatised, destined to remain outcasts. Many have no jobs as they lost the opportunity for education. "They are the most unfortunate group of people in the world," says Yang. "Many have their bodies ruined, their families broken, and have no relatives to visit them."
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Allen Lien

In October 2002, boxes of clothes began arriving in Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa, and they were all addressed to the same individual. The boxes of clothes were sent by mostly Taiwanese people (some also came from places like Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and…

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