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Confessions of a crazy conservationist

I’m not quite so sure now, but I also think you appreciate living in a world where there are places of outstanding natural beauty, and where tigers prowl jungles, polar bears hunt on Arctic ice floes, pandas roam bamboo forests, and sharks patrol reefs, helping keep ecosystems in balance. If you have children, you hope they and their children can grow and live in a similar world.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Conservation

Traditional Chinese Medicine and conservation Bone of Tiger, Bile of Bear In the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a museum devoted to “Chinese Materia Medica”. Were I to take you in there, I might ask you to…

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Panda expert Pan Wenshi

In 1984, Pan left Wolong to conduct his own panda research in the Qin Ling Mountains and later shifted his study to a forest that was managed by a timber unit. Pan and his crew paid team expenses from their own pockets, augmented by small donations from Pan's brother and sister in Hong Kong.
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