Instead of environmental enlightenment, swathes of society have lurched towards anti-science; yet this planet is our life support system.

There is potential for deriving virtually unlimited clean energy from fusion power, without the severe downsides of nuclear power based on splitting atoms apart.

Stunning fossils from Mesozoic Pompeii illuminate the dawn of birds.

Off-the shelf headsets and DIY implants can help get you started.

Frederick Sanger made pivotal contributions to studying the chemistry of life.

Like all scientific theories, Darwinism has been questioned and tested wherever possible. Among scientists, it has held up well, becoming a pillar of modern science. But this has not prevented attacks, chiefly from outside the scientific community.

Though “immune system” is a familiar term, there is still much to be learned about how our bodies defend against diseases.

Though we spend almost a third of our lives asleep, sleep science did not really begin till 1953, the same year the structure of DNA was discovered.

We humans seem smart yet have a great fondness for irrational codswallop.

Earth’s neighbours are far more than simply gas giants and rocky worlds

From volcanoes on Java, to a supervolcano in Hong Kong, and dormant supervolcanoes today.

Picture an atom, and you may imagine spherical electrons orbiting a nucleus packed with particles like neutrons.