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    Learning of new remote control from Now TV, I figured it would be a neat improvement on the somewhat cumbersome original remote, which has many a button I rarely or never used. Sadly, not so in my view; here are some emails from correspondence I've had w Now TV:

    Thanks for the new remote control.

    However: after using, seems it is mainly for benefit of NowTV – to help

    direct people to paid services.

    Not really for customers.

    For instance: does not seem that can easily move through favourite

    channels, as with old remote.

    The new channel info etc is not very convenient either; takes more time

    to find out what's on channels we have subscribed to.

    I don't know why the "home" button takes us to screen with priority

    given to things like Recommended (not good recommendations so far), as

    well as news snippet and something else.

    For us, prefer to see what is on channels we have subscribed to, and to

    readily move from one to another.

    from Now TV:

    Thank you for emailing now TV.

    First of all, we would like to thank you for your suggestion. Please be

    informed that it will be taken seriously.

    Please kindly note that your comments and suggestions have been

    forwarded to our concerned programme content team for their future plan

    development for improvement.

    And I attach herewith the now TV User Guide for new user interface for

    you reference. If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to

    email us again or call our now TV Customer Service Hotline 1833 888.

    my response:

    Thanks for the email.

    Though my suggestions "will be taken seriously", I do not expect


    Surely took a long time, and quite some money, to come up with the new

    menus, and the new remotes; won't be changed I think.

    Recommendations [on interface] remain useless and stupid.

    Favourites still hard to use with new remote; even on old remote, new

    menu system makes favourites less helpful.

    Developers were way way too focused on extra services people pay for,

    like recording, and not on helping customers.

    – you likely find this yourself, in using Now TV at home, but not much

    to be done about it.

    and another response from Now:

    Thank you for emailing now TV.

    First of all, we are very concerned to learn of your disappointment and

    would like to express our heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience that

    we may have brought to you.

    For your information, please be informed that we will arrange to upgrade

    the interface for all now TV customer and it is regret to inform you

    that old interface will not be available afterwards, we are sorry for

    all inconvenient caused.

    In order to provide more information of new user interface, please

    kindly be informed that you may find the User Guide (PDF format) via our

    website as below: (Eng) (Chi)

    Please be confirmed that we have raised out your concern to our content

    team about the expectation on service satisfaction. Be rest assured that

    they would definitely take your valuable comments into consideration and

    use it as an useful reference for their future improvement.

    Once again, any inconvenience is sincerely regretted, please accept our

    sincere apology. If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to

    email us again or call our PCCW Consumer Service Hotline 1833888.

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