Spam spam spam spam and spam emails

And now, it’s time for some spam; just posting some of the crap I and many others receive day after day after day.

Yeah, no use to anyone really, unless someone finds this and somehow doesn’t take up one of the offers and get cheated. Yet we can see some misdirected uses of creativity; and on plus side, perhaps, enjoy the Spam sketch by Monty Python:

Lorri – who the fuck is Lorri?!

Of late, a whole lot of spam emails have been addressed to “Lorri”, even though I’ve never met anyone called Lorri. Like this, which has subject heading “question for Lorri”:

Hello Lorri, love the inspiring stories and impact you’re making in the world at martin williams. 

I have an investment plan that I can explain in 10 minutes that has helped our clients double their portfolio value, or they don’t pay us anything.

Are you open to a 10-15 minute call sometime this or next week so I can share the idea with you?

Kind regards,


8400 E. Prentice Avenue, Suite, CO

ps: just reply with “not interested” if you are not interested 🙂 [[best not; if reply to spam, it tells the spammers the email address is active]]

Hello Lorri,

Saw you guys are in writing & editing, how has that been holding up post-pandemic?

Many businesses in South Carolina have yet to receive their ERTC refund, and it doesn’t look like the IRS will restart processing any time soon. Some experts are predicting an extended wait time for businesses (1 year +).

We’ve purchased a few South Carolina companies’ ERC claims this year at a discount, and we’d be happy to look at yours and see if we can make you an offer.

Our clients typically use the money to make rent payments or to expand their operations. 

Would you be interested in this?

Joe Moreno

ERC Funding Specialist

I did reply to latter, but nothing back yet:

Hey Joe:

Sure, any ballpark figure in mind?


Another here, from email address Lorri on the blahblah podcast:

Happy Wednesday, Lorri!

I really appreciate what you’re up to with Martin Williams. I’m one of the booking managers for the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Podcast, which is frequently listed as one of the top 200 business and marketing shows in top charts internationally.

We know that a lot of shows never even make it to Episode 50, but we’re commemorating passing a big milestone (Episode 800!)… and with that we’ve been able to feature so many inspiring entrepreneurs, their stories, and their knowledge!

Having been in the game since 2016 when we launched, we’ve had the opportunity to bring so much fantastic content to our audience all over the world, and based on what I’ve seen of your work (I came across you on LinkedIn!) it sounds like you’ve got some insights that would really appeal to our listeners.

Would you be interested in coming on the show? Reply with a quick “yes” if you’d like me to send over our booking information… we’ve got four spots right now and I’d be delighted to include you.

– Andrew

Producer for the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Podcast

Again, I replied, nothing back yet:

Happy Wednesday indeed, Andrew!

Yeah, let’s do it.


Financial spam

I’m Mr. Anthony Alfonso, and I work for a wealth management company as a senior consultant. My responsibility includes establishing and sourcing for corporate and individual entities that might require finance for any successful short- and long-term endeavours with low risk and investment returns for my clients. I do this by coordinating with project and business owners for partnerships and loan funding.

My objective is to pursue feasible commercial ventures and enduring project prospects. I would be happy to go over the details and provide important details for your consideration.

Anthony Alfonso 
M&A Advisor
Barex Broker
Trade & Investment Advisory


I am Rev. Innocent Johnson Dhl Courier Director [[yeah, that name seems legit!]]. I wish to inform you that your ATM Debit Card with the content of $15. 5 millions United States dollars.
It is here with me and needed to be delivered to your home address,
please contact me with your full details below;

(1) Full Name———
(2) Mobile Number:————–
(3) Your Current Delivery Address:—-
(4) Copy of ID Card:———

Awaiting your response soonest.

Director: Rev. Innocent J

Money from Africa!

My name is Johannes Khumalo Khosa, a financial consultant with offices in South Africa and Uganda. I was contacted by one of the most senior Personal Assistant to the late President of Namibia Mr. Hage Geingob who died recently from cancer. The P A (Personal Assistant) to the late president intimated me of a large amount of funds he deposited discreetly on behalf of the late president with a Security Company in Kampala, Uganda and now, wants this funds to be transferred out as investment funding to a reputable company or business venture in a country with a good economic prospect for business partnership purposes. He propose to remain a dormand partner and only demand that a good MOU be signed between the choosen business owner and himself which will protect his interest be signed before the transaction is executed.

Hence, I am looking for a reliable and capable individual, company or potential business/Project owner like yourself or friends with good business plans regardless of the sector who is willing and interested in going into business partnership. This person may be requiring business funding or looking forward to expanding an already existing business.

So, let me know if you are interested for more details.


Johannes K. Khosa

And this is clearly from high level; return address is UN OFFICE GOVERNMENT [using a gmail address…]:

we have received your file. This is UNITED NATIONS OFFICE. Please get
back to us and tell us how you want to receive your total fund of
$4.5Million Dollars through bank to bank Transfer or ATM CARD.
 We have authorization from FBI AUTHORITY.
 Kindly get in touch with us asap with your full details for
security reasons although we have your information.

3:Phone number——-

Mr. Henry Antonio

Sex boosting spam

This shocking video has blown up among men…

It reveals a wild 5-second bedroom trick that makes men much better lovers.

It’s NOT blue pills or drugs… I’m sure it’s something you’ve never heard before.  

If you have erection quality issues and low libido…

If you wanna boost your manhood and give your woman the “Big O”… 

[[I need to watch a video … err, no thanks, not clicking on that]]


Medical experts are stunned by this Nobel-prize winning erectile dysfunction secret…

This simple 7-second ED trick

Can improve your erection and how long you last in bed.

It’s BETTER than…

The little blue pill…

Kegels and other sexual exercises…

And even painful injections.

It’s shaking the foundation of the ED industry as we know it…

In fact, men who could no longer please their wife are now able to go for hours while staying hard…

Coz yeah, wife just wants her hubby humping away for hours and hours at a time, with no end in sight…

Ukrainian girls spam

I’ve had multiple emails about Ukrainian girls wanting to marry me, ie seeking random guys somewhere. This and similar must be a successful form of spam email, as it keeps on coming, maybe with tweaks so it gets through my spam filters.

Because, you know, in a country under siege, with bombs and missiles raining down, the hottest local womenfolk just opt to have photos taken in minimal clothing, hoping for some saviours who may or may not be the saddest of sad bastards… Ya think?!

Health spam

If you’re ever fought the toxic mass of stuck mucus inside your lungs…

And the screaming agony you experience from shortness of breath, piercing  coughs, chest tightness,
low O2 levels, inflamed airways… 

You need to watch this video [[ah, another video to watch; no thanks]

In the video, #1 Respiratory expert Mark Silva reveals the true cause of your breathing issues and mucus build up…

A common toxin that’s embedded in your lungs right now…

Where it’s causing a painful buildup of thick, stuck mucus that makes breathing nearly  impossible.  

As you’ll see in this video, this toxin is especially widespread and damaging in America…  

But it’s not all bad news! 

Because you’ll also learn the 7-second lung clearing ritual to flush out stuck mucus for good

So that you can breathe easily and deeply!

In fact, most people report dramatic improvements in their breathing in just 4 days

This celebrity dermatologist shares a “Youthful Eyes” technique that has been practiced amongst Korean women for centuries…

She said it’s like 20 years of eye bags wiped away from here tired-looking eyes in just 5 minutes.

The results are almost instant and more permanent than getting injections or using any other products out there. – even the Mayo Clinic confirms it here! [[oh yeah? that link is not to Mayo Clinic]]

Just imagine the results you’ll get if you keep on doing this every day! [[hmm, imagine the money you could lose for this, and how stress and anger from that could affect those eye bags!]]

Here is a breakdown of the “Youthful Eyes” technique – for you to try out.

Oh and you’re welcome

Take care,

Natural Living Digest Research Team [[WTF!]]

[reply to: Huge Belly; lovely!]]

84,560 men and women were completely blown away…

When they drank this delicious “red cocktail” juice each morning and lost 3 lbs every 4 days.

While it only takes 7 seconds to make…

This powerful red cocktail could help DRAIN stubborn fat cells up to 276% faster than most diet and exercise plans.  [[yeah, that’s exactly how weight reduction works … Not!]]
It’s backed by the latest studies from the “Harvard” of UK and Greece… [[what the hell is this?]]

With an astonishing 93% success rate, it’s putting every mainstream solution and online gimmick to shame.

Robert from Pennsylvania drank this red cocktail juice each morning and lost 62 lbs…

And watched in tears as his 45-yr-old wife Sonya lost 38 lbs and 4 dress sizes in less than 10 weeks. [[oh Lordy, it sounds like a miracle! Better order us some of this, Mary Lou ]]

Watch this short video right now, as the $80 billion-dollar weight loss industry is preparing to file a lawsuit to take this video off the Internet.

==> Delicious “Red Cocktail” Juice Melts Off 3 lbs Every 4 Days

And here, another mention of Harvard; reply to Dementia Warning:

Harvard scientists warn:

You may be skyrocketing your dementia risk… simply by putting this on your dinner plate.

Countless studies link this food to memory loss – even in people in their 50s. No wonder one in three Americans dies in a nursing home, unable to recognize their loved ones.

Millions of Americans eat this almost every single day… often without knowing the damage it does to your brain. Are you? [[maybe not, as I’m a Brit living in Hong Kong]]

Find out for yourself now


P.S. Fortunately, as soon as you STOP eating this food… 

Your brain cells start to regenerate… protecting your precious memories… and blessing you with the crystal clear thinking you had before middle-age.

But first, check out what this food is and see if you’re eating it.

Also for Americans; reply to Survival Bag:

Fellow American, [[err, nope, not me]]

We all know of the uncertainty that is lurking.

Virus Epidemics, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Tornadoes are happening in the most uncommon of places.

The greatest question of all though…is your house truly ready?

To your Survival, Survivalist Joe Sanderson

FREE to anyone- because you need it now…

And here, one combining sex spam and health spam, from “Iron-hard Erection”:

A 70-yr-old maverick doctor from a small Hunza village of India has leaked the secret recipe of a blue “alpha tonic” that boosts your manhood and gives you an iron-hard erection. This potent “alpha tonic” has been clinically proven to: Boost libidoIncrease your testosterone levelsImprove sleep & anxietyFight fatigue & low energyMelt off stubborn man boobs & beer belly
Over 72,000 men are using it to send sparks flying in the bedroom…
72-yr-old grandpa Alfred M. from Annapolis, MD says his strength and stamina have gone into orbit. He’s even beating younger guys at the gym! He now says… “I’m back at golf playing the best yet.” [[whacking the golf balls with his iron-hard erection, presumably?!]]
This video covers some racy material and adult content…You’ll probably want to watch it in private.

Health spam with deceased expert

Here, a mix of truth – Linus Pauling was indeed a brilliant scientist, winning two Nobel Prizes; and claptrap. Pauling did espouse Vitamin C for boosting heart health; though his notions have won little acceptance, with not so much research to support them, more studies are needed.

Dr. Linus Pauling is the founder of modern chemistry AND modern biology. 

He’s the only person in the world to ever be awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes.

Dr. Pauling holds 48 honorary PhDs and is universally accepted as one of the greatest scientists of all time.  

And in 1989, he published the culmination of his work – “A Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease”. 

The study contained what he believed to be a simple way to have better heart health.

This work is one of the most important pieces of scientific research in human history. 

Right up there with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. 

Or Isaac Newton’s Laws of Gravity. 

Yet when Dr. Pauling released his magnum opus, it was immediately met with resistance from those in mainstream science and medicine… 


Well, Dr. Pauling believed that if we wanted to live a life with better heart healthnaturally… 

All we needed to do was take a strong daily dosage of 3 common nutrients… 

Click on this link to find out what these nutrients are: 


Health spam re fat melting liquid mentions quack


This controversial fluid has been shown to melt fat, like it never existed…

Literally within weeks, you’ll lose inches off your waist…

Just 1 spoonful of this odd liquid a day can help you lose up to
2 pounds a day, with no side effects, no stomach upset, and no long-term unknown health risks.

It’s no wonder:

▶️ Harvard is attempting to patent it…
▶️ And Dr. Oz and Dr. Rozien swear by it!


Woah, seems miraculous! – about as barmy as Trump’s idea for injecting bleach to kill Covid.

And surely even Dr Oz doesn’t swear by it, even though he has degenerated into a “pseudoscience-promoting political hack trying to gain favour with right-wing conspiracy theorists“.

Fear-mongering phishing spam

Email De-activation in progress…
  Dear martin @

Notice, indicates that you recently made a request to deactivate email martin @ This request will be processed shortly.If this request was made accidentally and you have no knowledge of it, you are advised to cancel the request now
Cancel De-activation [[so what’s with the “chameleon” in the link here; maybe alludes to this attempting to spoof being from my email provider]]
However, if you do not cancel this request, the your account will be de-activated shortly and all your email data will be lost permanently.Regards.
Support Team

Company roaster changed typo spam

Not sure what the link would lead to; best not find out. The sender email address is utter gobbledegook.

Dear Team, [err, yeah, I’m a one-man business!]

It is with regret that I must inform you of recent changes in our staff roaster.  [oh, so maybe they have a list of staff to roast?!]

Attached is an Excel Link containing the names of employees whose employment has been terminated along with details of new administrative positions and transfers.

List of Employee Termination and Administrative Changes

Please note that going forward, these individuals should be excluded from all email correspondences.

I kindly request each of you to promptly review the list and adjust your records accordingly..

Best regards, 
HR Department
Human Resource Department

Membership offering spam

I’m a member of Netflix; but got this – from email address that looks, err, totally legit – Not!: MessagingNetfIix [at] madrasaenajah [dot] com

Notice: Your NetfIix Membership has Ended!

VlSlT now for a 90-Day NetfIix Access Renewal available until Midnight

Should you consider the conclusion of your subscription to be a mistake, or if you’re having second thoughts, we’re offering 90 days on us. Get updated with what’s new on NetfIix. Renew today.

Explore a realm of storytelling on NetfIix, where limitless stories and character developments await your discovery.

This exclusive 90-day free NetfIix access is ending tonight. Take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late. Time is precious, seize every moment. Act swiftly to ensure uninterrupted entertainment. Don’t let this moment slip away.

Hello pervert

Ah yes, this one; keeps on coming, often to my spam folder; from an untraceable omni being:

Hello pervert,

I want to inform you about a very bad situation for you. However, you can benefit from it, if you will act wisely. 
Have you heard of Pegasus? This is a spyware program that installs on computers and smartphones and allows hackers to monitor the activity of device owners. It provides access to your webcam, messengers, emails, call records, etc. It works well on Android, iOS, and Windows. I guess, you already figured out where I’m getting at.

It’s been a few months since I installed it on all your devices because you were not quite choosy about what links to click on the internet. During this period, I’ve learned about all aspects of your private life, but one is of special significance to me.
I’ve recorded many videos of you jerking off to highly controversial porn videos. Given that the “questionable” genre is almost always the same, I can conclude that you have sick perversion. 
I doubt you’d want your friends, family and co-workers to know about it. However, I can do it in a few clicks.
Every number in your contact book will suddenly receive these videos – on WhatsApp, on Telegram, on Skype, on email – everywhere. It is going to be a tsunami that will sweep away everything in its path, and first of all, your former life.
Don’t think of yourself as an innocent victim. No one knows where your perversion might lead in the future, so consider this a kind of deserved punishment to stop you. 
Better late than never.
I’m some kind of God who sees everything. However, don’t panic. As we know, God is merciful and forgiving, and so do I. But my mercy is not free.

Transfer $1370 USD to my bitcoin wallet:

Once I receive confirmation of the transaction, I will permanently delete all videos compromising you, uninstall Pegasus from all of your devices, and disappear from your life. You can be sure – my benefit is only money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing to you, but destroy your life without a word in a second.

I’ll be notified when you open my email, and from that moment you have exactly 48 hours to send the money. If cryptocurrencies are unchartered waters for you, don’t worry, it’s very simple. Just google “crypto exchange” and then it will be no harder than buying some useless stuff on Amazon.

I strongly warn you against the following:
) Do not reply to this email. I sent it from a temp email so I am untraceable.
) Do not contact the police. I have access to all your devices, and as soon as I find out you ran to the cops, videos will be published.
) Don’t try to reset or destroy your devices. 
As I mentioned above: I’m monitoring all your activity, so you either agree to my terms or the videos are published.

Also, don’t forget that cryptocurrencies are anonymous, so it’s impossible to identify me using the provided address.
Good luck, my perverted friend. I hope this is the last time we hear from each other.

And some friendly advice: from now on, don’t be so careless about your online security.

Much the same:

You are in big trouble. 
However, don’t panic right away. Listen to me first, because there is always a way out. 

You are now on the radar of an international group of hackers, and such things never end well for anyone. 
I’m sure you’ve heard of Anonymous. Well, compared to us, they are a bunch of schoolboys. 
We are a worldwide network of several thousand professionals, each with their own role. 

Someone hacks corporate and government networks, someone cooperates with intelligence agencies on the most delicate tasks, 
and someone (including me) deals with people like you to maintain the infrastructure of our group. 
“What kind of people like me?” – that is the question you are probably asking yourself now. 

The answer is simple: people who like to watch highly controversial and, shall we say, 
unconventional pornography on the internet that most normal people would consider perverted. 
But not you!

In order to leave you without any doubts, I’ll explain how I found it out. 
Two months ago, my colleagues and I installed spyware software on your computer and then gained access to all of your devices, including your phone. 
It was easy – one of those many pop-ups on porn sites was our work.

I think you already understand that we would not write to an ordinary man who watches “vanilla” and even hardcore porn – there is nothing special about that. 
But the things you’re watching are beyond good and evil.
So after accessing your phone and computer cameras, we recorded you masturbating to extremely controversial videos. 
There is a close-up footage of you and a little square on the right with the videos you’re pleasing yourself. 
However, as I said earlier, there is always a way out, because even the most degraded sinner deserves leniency. 
You are lucky today because I am not a sadist who enjoys other people’s suffering. 
Only money matters to me. 

Here is your salvation: you must transfer $1490 in Bitcoin to this BTC cryptocurrency wallet: 13RuNi9xhDN5ngYy251h4WFDYoE3VA4kPJ

You have exactly 48 hours to make the payment, so think less, and do more.
As soon as I receive confirmation of the transaction, I will delete all compromising content and permanently disable our computer worm. 
Believe me, I always abide by gentleman’s agreements. Even with people who are hardly gentlemen. Because it’s nothing personal, just business. 

If I do not receive a payment, I will send all videos of you to every person in your contact list, messengers and email. 
Relatives, loved ones, colleagues, friends-everyone you’ve ever been in contact with will receive them. 
You understand perfectly well that you will never be able to wash this stain on your reputation. 
Everyone will remember you as sick as fuck. 
Your life will be completely ruined, and, most likely, only a tightened noose around your neck will be able to save the day. 

If you haven’t dealt with crypto before, I suppose it won’t be difficult for you to figure it all out. 
Simply type in the “crypto exchange” into the search bar and pay with a credit card. Besides, based on your browser history, you are a savvy user. 
When you want to, you can dig into the darkest depths of the Internet, so I’m sure you will be able to find out what is what.

Here is what my colleagues and I should warn you against:
…Do not reply to this email. Do you really think we are so stupid to be tracked by an email address? This is a temporary disposable email. 
As soon as I clicked “Send”, it was gone for good.
…Forget about law-enforcement authorities. As soon as I see that you are trying to contact them, the compromising material will be published. 
Remember, I have access to all your devices, and I can even track your movements.
…Do not reset your devices to factory settings and do not try to get rid of your devices. 
It won’t help in any way. Look above – my All-seeing eye is watching all your actions. It is easy to hunt you down. 

I am sorry that we met in such circumstances. Probably, everything could be different if you had been more careful about what you are doing on the Internet. 
Watch yourself from now on, because even such things that you previously considered insignificant can destroy your life in the future like a butterfly effect.
I hope this is goodbye forever. However, it depends on you.

P.S. The countdown is on. The choice is yours.

Fake interest in products and purchase orders

I also get emails claiming interest in my products, or even purchasing them, like this:

Hi martin

Internal sharepoint document link has been shared with you below

Https/Drmartinwilliams/Sharepoint/Sales/Purchase-Order/INVOICE-Payment.PDF [[there’s no file shared; just a dodgy link no one should click on]]

Horror spam – Trump item

Here, about something designed to terrify regular humans; though at least the “marks” are sociopath besotted idiots, with Trump already cheating them with offers of actual souvenirs to try n fund his ongoing legal battles:


Unlock a piece of history with our latest collector’s item – the Limited Edition Trump Mugshot Collectible Bobblehead! This exclusive release captures a moment in time, making it a must-have for every proud patriot.

**Why You’ll Love It:**

– Iconic Mugshot: Witness a unique portrayal of President Trump’s resilience and unwavering spirit.

– Handcrafted Perfection: Meticulously designed with attention to detail, ensuring an authentic and high-quality collector’s piece.

– Limited Edition: Act fast – only a select few will own this historic bobblehead.

**Claim Yours Now:**

This isn’t just a bobblehead; it’s a symbol of strength, determination, and the indomitable American spirit.

Whether displayed in your home or gifted to a fellow patriot, this limited edition collectible is sure to spark conversations and ignite pride.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of history! Click the link below to secure your Trump Mugshot Collectible Bobblehead:

Thank you for being a valued member of our community. Let’s celebrate the spirit of freedom and resilience together! [[with a non existent item about a wannabe dictator. No thanks]]

Even more horrific perhaps; but hats off, I suppose, to anyone able to cheat people who think it would be good to own one of these:

Trump Hugging An American Flag Bobblehead! 2024 Edition

Perfume spam smells fishy

Hello, I’m a Research Assistant of the Research and Development Department working with a perfume manufacturing company here in London,I have a profitable business proposal that I wish to share with you. Let me know if you are open to discussion for more details.

Best regards, Thank you

Ronald Scott
Foreign consultant

Dear Beloved in Christ

Ah, Christian sending email, must be legit eh?!
– and obscene for using a terribly sad story as basis for this spam missive.

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Permit me to share with you, my desire to go into Godly business partnership with you. I got your profound contact email from a
computerized data, following my fasting & praying effort searching for
a reliable and trustworthy person to assist me in this venture.I am
Mrs. Maureen Greaves, married to Late Alan Greaves (PhD} who worked
with Total S.A. the French Multinational Integrated Oil and Gas
Company and one of the five “Super major” oil companies in the world
as their Africa drilling rig supplier for 17 years before his death On
Christmas Eve 2013.

Before his death we were both devout born again Christian;
lay-preacher and former social worker and my late husband Alan
Greaves; was an organist at the church for 40 years, before his  was
attacked and beaten with a pickaxes on his way to play at Midnight
Mass at St Saviour’s Church in Sheffield and he died in hospital three
days later as you can confirm this link as stated below: news/article-2529286/A-year-
murder-organists-widow-breaks- vigil.html

A year after his murder, organist Alan Graves’ widow … The widow of a church organist fatally injured on
Christmas Eve last year played a leading role in an emotional
candlelit service at the spot where he was attacked england-south-yorkshire- 25417344

When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of ($15.5M) with a
bank in Cotonou Benin where he worked for 17 years last as the
TotalS.A. Africa drilling rig supplier.I am contacting you because of
the recent report from my Doctor told me that I have some weeks to
live due to cardiac and kidney failure problem, having known my
condition, I seek your concept and permission to present you to the
bank as as my late husband foreign investors to retrieve the fund and
utilize for establishing an orphanages home for the poor and needy,
and also propagating the word of God and to endeavor that the house of
God is maintained.I shall give you the full detailed documents of the
fund as soon as I hear from you.Any delay in your reply will give me
room in sourcing another good person for this same purpose.Hoping to
receive your response immediately

Thanks and Remain blessed in the Lord. my e-mail 

I Remain your sister in Christ.

Mrs. Maureen A. Greaves

Church Army evangelist

Facebook Lottery I didn’t enter but won!

An email with the subject heading “CONGRATULATIONS!!!YOU MUST REPLY TO YOUR WINNINGS BEFORE DEADLINE” – which gives no actual deadline; unsurprisingly as this spam could arrive on many a day, no use if after purported deadline. Googling Chester Hoffman’s name, I find this email on website StopScamFraud.

We want to inform you that Your facebook account has been selected as one of the lucky winners of One Million US dollars, $US 1,000,000 from the 2024 facebook users promotion award sponsored by facebook CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg,
but the amount of money that was awarded to you is still tagged unclaimed and we advice you to contact the award office now to claim your gift before deadline.

The news of this award can be found in the abc News and some local News papers in US.
We contacted you here because this is the email you registered with facebook.

To receive your award, you must reply to this email and send the following information before claims deadline:

1. Your Full name 2. address/country: 3. Phone: 4. Sex :5. Age :6. Profession.

You should send the above information to Chester Hoffman” through the below email address: 

Once we receive your claims details, your award will be processed and your money will be remitted to you.


Chester Hoffman,
operating officer,
Palo Alto, US.

Surprisingly generous lottery winner!

I’ve had a previous spam from someone claiming to be an actual lottery winner, suddenly deciding to give me lots of money for no reason whatsoever. Another here:

I am Mr. Richard Wahl, the mega winner of $533M in the Mega Millions Jackpot, I’m donating to 2 random individuals. If you receive my email then your email was selected after a spin ball. I have spread most of my wealth over to some charities and organisations. I have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $60,000,000.00USD to you as you are one of the selected (2), to verify my winnings please see the YouTube page below

Googling, I find a person with this name indeed won this amount in a lottery; back in 2018. Also readily find this is of course a scam.

World Companies Register

Ooh, how grand to be invited to list in this, with free updates too!

To whom it might concern,

For the insertion of your company in the World Company Register for 2024/2025, please complete the attached pdf and send it in a reply.

A photo of the completed form is also accepted.


You can also attach the completed pdf in a reply to this email.

Updating is free of charge!

There is indeed a website for this register; might seem important, but have you ever heard of it otherwise? Also note, registered in British Virgin Islands. Before getting too excited about the invitation, maybe have a read of info in Warning against World Company Register invoice; and note this Fraud Monitor listing.

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