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Not BB ii

The magazine for the serious birdspotter, Vol II I'd upped and left for the Far East by the time the first NOT BB appeared; heard of its success – read out at log time on Scilly,…

Wuliansuhai Birds, Inner Mongolia

Birds at Wuliansuhai Birds Recorded at Wuliansuhai (west of Baotou), Inner Mongolia, 24 and 25 September; and at Hasuhai (between Baotou and Hohhot) on 26 September 2004 Martin and Maya Williams During afternoon of 24 September,…


So You Want to be a Cyborg?

In August 2013, a couple of guys wearing swim caps fitted with electrodes made news, for establishing a connection between their brains. Over-excited headline writers even cited “Vulcan mind melds”,…

A Man for All Sequences Frederick Sanger

November 2013 saw the death of a man described by Craig Venter, among the pioneers of human genome sequencing, as “One of the most important scientists of the 20th century!”…


Hong Kong Nightlife – bars n discos

Hong Kong Nightlife – bars n discos

Hi! I hear you're visiting Hong Kong, you've been out for the day – doing something dull like shopping, or vastly more satisfying hiking and sightseeing – and now youve energy…

Wild side of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong

Scenes of the wilder side of Cheung Chau – an island in southwest Hong Kong, during spring 2010.