Wars and famines increase as climate changes

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    Martin W

      There have been forecasts re more wars, famines as global warming progresses; suggestions the situation in Somalia has resulted partly from changing climate making life even harder there. Now comes this report from Reuters, on research by team including Hong Kong based guy (who I saw speak at a global warming workshop a few weeks ago). Includes:

      Global warming is one of the most significant threats facing humankind, researchers warned, as they unveiled a study showing how climate changes in the past led to famine, wars and population declines. The world's growing population may be unable to adequately adapt to ecological changes brought about by the expected rise in global temperatures, scientists in China, Hong Kong, the United States and Britain wrote in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. …

      Trawling through history and working out correlative patterns, the team found that temperature declines were followed by wars, famines and population reductions. …

      Although the study cited only periods of temperature decline to social disruptions, the researchers said the same prediction could be made of global warming. A report last week said climate change will put half the world's countries at risk of conflict or serious political instability. International Alert, a London-based conflict resolution group, identified 46 countries — home to 2.7 billion people — where it said the effects of climate change would create a high risk of violent conflict. It identified another 56 states where there was a risk of political instability.

      History shows climate changes led to famine, war

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