US propels us into the Age of Stupid

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    You may have seen a movie The Age of Stupid, on climate change. We're merrily hurtling headlong into it: with pesky climate science funding receiving significant blows from US, which voted not to fund IPCC this year:

    “It’s a real tragedy that the issue is so poorly understood that it doesn’t have the support I think it deserves given how important it is,” says Stanford ecologist Chris Field, the lead author on one of three IPCC working groups. The House doesn't "like the message so they are killing the messenger," says climate scientist Mike MacCracken, former director of the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

    Leutkemeyer said that the federal government spends $13 million on the IPCC each year, citing federal budget documents. But Field said that 2009 funding for the IPCC was about $3 million. About half of that total was spent on the IPCC Trust Fund, which supports the international coordinating team, he said. The other half is spent on supporting U.S. scientists’ travel to meetings to put the report together, as well as funding for a small team of staff that works for Field.

    Without the federal support, he said, “We’d have no ability to organize meetings, we’d have no ability to coordinate chapters,”

    Scientists Criticize House Vote to Bar Climate Panel Funds

     Some day, folks will ask "Why weren't we warned?"

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