The US holy war on nature continues

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    I’m a Brit, and as posted elsewhere in this forum, hugely dislike the Bush admiistration vs science (and the administration).

    Now, appalled by fact anyone could even countenance the pit bull hockey mum igorant of science slippery with the facts Sarah Palin should be in running for US vice president.

    Seen strong article slamming Palin and her dodgy views, inc creationism, and how these could lead to yet more environmental damage by US government.


    … she now thinks that global warming might possibly be human-made sorta though she didn’t before, despite the fact that the state she governs is on the frontline of climate change. And, of course, she’s a classic right-wing, fundamentalist Christian: against abortion — check; against same-sex marriage — check; against stem-cell research — check; favors teaching Creationism in public schools — check.

    The Palin nomination is the equivalent of launching a "surge strategy" in the Republican war on the environment.

    a pro-Creationist stand is no sideline issue, but the litmus test that reveals whether a politician shares the religious right’s ideology — a literal interpretation of the Bible, a disparaging attitude towards science, belief in mankind’s unfettered dominion over the natural world, and a willingness to impose its religious doctrines on others.

    Her deplorable environmental record was such common knowledge that John McCain couldn’t have missed it, even if he napped through his vetting committee’s report.

    So if the McCain/Palin ticket is elected, you should know what to expect. Although John McCain may once have openly refused to subscribe to the beliefs of the Republican Party’s religious right, famously describing them as "agents of intolerance," his selection of Sarah Palin is a message (and not just to the Party’s fundamentalist right): If you thought that he understands the need to kick our fossil-fuel addiction and address global warming, if you believed his promises to build a green economy, forget about it. A McCain/Palin administration, just like the one before it, will continue — and this is the best-case scenario — to fiddle while the planet burns.

    We need environmental science in our schools more than ever. An ecologically illiterate generation of students will be ill-prepared to meet our real, less than rapturous future. They won’t have a clue about what’s happening around them or how to deal with the damage we’ve done. They won’t be able to create new technologies that mimic nature’s models for recycling waste and energy. They will drive blindly into the future, burning fossil fuels, without a map they can read. They may even let the Ed Kalnins of our world take the wheel.

    The Evolution vs. Creationism debate appears to be an argument over the distant past. But it’s actually about the future. It’s about, in fact, who will define the cultural mindset that will generate that future. Let us pray it is not defined by a pit bull with lipstick who thinks she is "tasked by God" to drill for oil.

    Sarah Palin’s Creationism Will Rape the Environment




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