Sri Lanka travel tip – Adam’s Peak

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    Martin W

      from an email I’ve just received:

      I enjoyed your pictures and trip report to Sri Lanka. My husband and I and 3 yr old son traveled there in 1983, staying 6 months, right after the start of the civil war. So many of your pictures reminded me of our time there. As I was often carrying a 3 yr old, my hands were full of him and I didn’t take many pictures.

      I had forgotten our trip to World’s End-it was misty and windy, but the view opened up for just a second, so we had a sense of where we were, instead of just on this plain.

      One travel recommendation for your next trip, is to go to do the Sri Pada pilgrimage climb, also know as Adam’s Peak. We did it, starting at midnight, and climbing all night,carrying a sleeping child. The reward was making it up intime for sunrise and the Buddhist ceremony and a fine picture of the triangle shadow of the peak reflected on the low lying clouds, what you hope to see. That ceremony with drums and chanting remains vivid in my son’s memory.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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