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    THe US-based Union of Concerned Scientists has become so concerned by the attacks on climate science – and science itself – that it has launched a campaign, to promote climate science. Info includes:


     For centuries science has made the world better for all of us. It's made our food, our air, and our water safer. It's made our lives more productive and efficient. Science has brought us many of the conveniences we take for granted in our day-to-day lives.

    But recently, science, and especially climate science, has become a political football. Organized interests seeking to delay desperately needed actions to reduce heat-trapping emissions have manufactured controversies and misrepresented the facts.

    Such tactics are meant to sow confusion and lull the public into a dangerous complacency. But we will not let those who deny and distort climate science succeed.

    UCS is leading a campaign to allow the voices of climate scientists to be heard and to educate the public about the overwhelming weight of the scientific evidence for human-caused global warming.

    Among action you can take: Tell Rupert Murdoch: Get the Facts Straight. Send a message today.

    The Weight of the Evidence

    Promoting Climate Science for the Public Good

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