Russia vs nesting birds to try n stop H5N1?

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    Martin W

      Seems parts of Russia are to try to deter nesting birds in spring, in supposed bid to reduce H5N1 risks.

      Just been sent link to website with poultry news from Russia (a US site), in English.

      A recent item includes:

      145 localities in Khabarovsk kray have been put on the high-risk list in light of the spring migration of birds. "Nesting spots of migrant birds have been marked on the Khabarovsk kray map. The localities at risk are situated close to these areas. The kray’s veterinarians plan to pay a visit to every yard in these villages and vaccinate the poultry. If needed, students from the Medical University will be involved in the process," said Svetlana Samoylenko, Head of the Khabarovsk kray Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture. Novosibirsk ecologists stepped forward criticizing the decision of local authorities to not allow migrant birds to nest in the region in fear of the spread of avian influenza. The conference held in January with the President’s Political Representative in the Northern Federal district Anatoly Kvashnin focused on the fight against avian influenza and has now received unexpected attention from Novosibirsk ornithologists. The scientists are convinced that the radical forms of fighting avian influenza are not only ineffective, they are illegal.
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