Protest vs Malaysian logging; July 2006

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    Martin W

      this just in: ACTION ALERT Malaysia Must Stop the Violence Against the Penan and Logging of Their Rainforests By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.  July 9, 2006

      TAKE ACTION Insist Malaysian authorities respect native customary land rights and boundaries of Penan's last remaining ancestral rainforest reserves

      Malaysia's indigenous Penan peoples are again resorting to logging road blockades to protect their native customary land rights and last remaining ancestral rainforest reserves. Logging workers of Malaysian Interhill logging have already dismantled a Penan logging road blockade near Ba Abang in the Middle Baram region of Sarawak on the Island of Borneo. Now the Police and Federal Reserve Unit are reportedly moving into the Baram region to break at the behest of Samling logging a long-standing second blockade erected by the Penan to protect the boundaries of their last remaining large rainforest expanse. There exists great potential yet again in Sarawak for deadly violence against indigenous peoples striving to protect their way of life and rainforest habitats. And Malaysia's government must be held accountable for the conduct of Malaysian logging companies there and throughout the world.

      see this article in The Times: Dying tribe takes on timber giants over lost habitat 'Your suppliers are killing us,' Asian forest dwellers tell a British lumber group.

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