positive aspect of bird flu

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    Till now you must have been reading or hearing only about the negative aspect of bird flu but I have found something positive out of it; did you know that leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico have released a plan that outlines how the three countries will work together if the highly pathogenic virus makes its way to North America. “Neighbors help each other in times of distress” this is a proof…..at least with the excuse of avian flu these countries have come together and are working for a common cause. I think the rate of deaths from avian flu is causing such changes……anyways its good. It was a wise step……I think anyone will seek help specially after reading those dreadful articles on drugdelivery.ca/bird-flu.aspx I have been reading them since 1 hr…..they are SCARRY!!

    [[drug delivery and scariness re disease … hmm – could be trying to peddle something?

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