Philippine Eagle Foundation hatches 24th eagle

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    Good news in this press release from the Philippine Eagle Foundation – including mention of a new protected area:

    Davao City – The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) hatched the 24th chick

    from its conservation breeding program yesterday January 19 at 2:45pm.

    The eaglet, from natural pair WM022 (“Jag”) and WF030 (“Ka Brianne”) is

    the 10th offspring of the pair.

    The egg hatched after 57 days of incubation.  “It was an assisted

    hatching,” PEF Curator for Breeding Anna Mae Sumaya explained.  “We

    monitored the egg very closely as it approached Day 55, when the chick was

    expected to pip through its shell.  When it seemed that it was unable to

    break through, possibly because it was a relatively small chick, we

    decided to assist.”  Weighing 116.5 grams, the chick is the lightest among

    the 24 eaglets hatched at the Eagle Center.  Sumaya added that the chick

    might also have been hampered by a length of vein that lay across its tiny


    Breeding, incubation, and hatching of the endangered national bird

    continue to be highly delicate processes.  “We’ve had nineteen years of

    experience from the time the first captive-bred, Pag-asa, was born, but we

    treat it as a challenge every time, “ PEF Executive Director Dennis

    Salvador said.

    Barring any illness, the chick is slated to be released before it turns

    two years old, to complement eagle populations in the wild.  The PEF has

    continued to monitor wild eagle populations and install protection

    measures for forest habitats across the country.  Recently, the local

    government of Mati, Davao Oriental expressed its support for eagle

    conservation efforts by declaring a 7,000-hectare eagle habitat in

    Barangay Cabuaya as protected.

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