Most scientific papers endorse human-caused global warming

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    press release:

    Study shows scientists agree humans cause global-warming

    About 97 per cent of 4000 international scientific papers analysed in a University of Queensland-led study were rated as endorsing human-caused global warming.

    UQ Global Change Institute lead author John Cook said the finding proved there was strong scientific agreement about the cause of climate change, despite public perceptions to the contrary.

    “This is significant because when people understand that scientists agree on global warming, they’re more likely to support policies that take action on it,” Mr Cook said.

    A 2012 poll from the US Pew Research Centre found less than half of Americans thought scientists agreed humans were causing global warming.

    “There is a gaping chasm between the actual consensus and the public perception,” Mr Cook said.

    “Making the results of our paper more widely-known is an important step towards closing the consensus gap and increasing public support for meaningful climate action.”

    The study was published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

    The study involved 24 scientists and science enthusiasts in rating the 4000 abstracts that stated a position on climate change.

    The papers were also self-rated by the paper authors for validity.

    Both approaches found the same result – that 97 per cent of the 4000 abstracts endorsed human-caused global warming.

    The 24 volunteers were recruited through the myth-busting website, founded by Mr Cook.

    Visitors to the website also raised the funds required to allow the study to be accessible to the public.

    The results of the paper are explained in detail on a new website,, launched today.

    The consensus project

    A research team confirms that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is caused by humans. The group includes Sarah Green, a chemistry professor at Michigan Technological University.

    “What’s important is that this is not just one study — it’s the consensus of multiple studies,” Green says. This consistency across studies contrasts with the language used by climate change doubters. This perspective stems from, as the authors write, “conflating the opinions of non-experts with experts and assuming that lack of affirmation equals dissent.”

    Environmental Research Letters published the paper this week. In it, the team lays out what they call “consensus on consensus” and draws from seven independent consensus studies by the co-authors. This includes a study from 2013, in which the researchers surveyed more than 11,000 abstracts and found most scientists agree that humans are causing climate change. Through this new collaboration, multiple consensus researchers — and their data gathered from different approaches — lead to essentially the same conclusion.

    Cause of global warming: Consensus on consensus


    While the most published climate scientists had 97 percent agreement, the percentage went down for less published climate scientists.

    The percentage was even lower for non-published scientists, and the lowest consensus was for the general public (58 percent)

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