Most feared birds in the US – crazy info!!

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    Martin W

      Just noticed ABC News (US) has link to "most feared birds" – a pdf file. Just seven wild species, including Rock Sandpiper and Emperor Goose (how many Americans have been close to, let alone seen, an Emperor Goose?)

      Oddly, no chicken. What nonsense. As stupid as some of the worst flu fanatics' forum posts I've seen. (I presume somewhere there's an ornithologist who was responsible. An ornithologist with no grasp of reality, and certainly no sense of shame.)

      If you want to be scared of emperor goose, go ahead; but note that most folks are unlikely to ever encounter one (outside, perhaps, a waterfowl collection). See, for instance: Turns out ABC News say they obtained a draft US Govt document listing the birds to fear.

      ]"Most Wanted' birds likely to transmit flu.

      Might hope they obtained some apparent US Govt document that was actually written as an April Fool's joke. But, maybe just written by idiots: there are plenty of them involved with H5N1.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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