Most Americans see climate change as serious

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    It's all too easy to read denialist type info and figure most Americans barely care re global warming, and many believe it is not an issue. Such an impression is belied by an Associated Press – Stanford University poll.

    Three of every four Americans view climate change as a serious problem that will harm future generations if not addressed, according to an Associated Press-Stanford University poll.

    The survey also said that about the same number of people say the Earth probably already is warming, slightly fewer than the percentage expressing that view when asked the same question a year ago.

    when participants were asked how serious a problem they thought global warming presented, 42 percent replied it was very serious and 31 percent said it was somewhat serious.

    Nearly two-thirds, or 63 percent, said that if nothing is done to reduce the threat of global warming, future generations will be hurt a great deal or "a lot." An additional 13 percent said future generations would be moderately harmed.

    Still, only 41 percent viewed global warming as extremely or very important to them, although respondents said they rated climate change as second only to the economy as the most serious problems facing the world if nothing is done to address it.

    While a solid majority say they believe the Earth already is warming, those that do not appeared to be more convinced than ever about their skepticism.

    Of the 22 percent of the respondents who said that warming "probably is not happening," about half said they also are extremely or very sure of that conclusion. Two years ago, only one-third of people felt that way when asked the same question.

    AP Poll: Most see climate change as serious


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