Minimise Covid transmission with ventilation and filtered air

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    Martin Williams

    Couple of worthwhile articles:

    A surefire way to catch COVID is to do a combination of things that get you into the dark red cells in the table. For example:

    Gather together with lots of people in an enclosed space with poor air quality, such as an under-ventilated gym, nightclub or school classroom
    Do something strenuous or rowdy such as exercising, singing or shouting
    Leave off your masks
    Stay there for a long time.
    To avoid catching COVID, try keeping in the green or amber spaces in the table. For example:

    If you must meet other people, do so outdoors or in a space that’s well-ventilated or meet in a space where the ventilation is good and air quality is known
    Keep the number of people to a minimum
    Spend the minimum possible amount of time together
    Don’t shout, sing or do heavy exercise
    Wear high-quality, well-fitting masks from the time you enter the building to the time you leave.

    In 2022, it takes a Herculean effort to deny that SARS-CoV-2 is airborne, especially given the Omicron variant’s stunning contagiousness. Some still reject this reality. Others have been busy proposing solutions.

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