Less hype, more knowhow re wild birds needed

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    Martin W

      Just come across article in The Guardian

      Less hype, more knowhow is needed to tackle bird flu, by Tony Juniper, the author of Spix's Macaw and the co-author of Parrots.

      Bird flu is fast turning our feathered friends into feathered fiends. But the last few weeks have shown how ignorant we are about wild birds and how we could be responding better

      says blurb above article, which wisely concludes:

      During these unsure times, it is important that we make the effort to understand the wild birds that naturally visit Britain while recognising that the suffering created by the trapping and shipment of wild birds is unnecessary and in the 21st century should be unacceptable. The one-month temporary ban will on its own spare 100,000 wild birds. Surely we should be doing that every month.

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