Kalingrad in Russia – H5N1 not found in wild birds

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    Martin W

    At last (after reports of brigades making noise and shooting birds in several areas, to clear nesting birds from anywhere near residential areas), some good news from Russia:

    In Kaliningrad region the selective shooting of migratory birds to
    the object of the detection of the strain of the virus of bird
    influenza is ended. As they reported today, on 6 May, to the
    correspondent IA REGNUM in the press- service of regional government,
    since the beginning of the present year the representatives of
    okhotinspektsiy investigated 1662 tests of pathologic
    material and blood serum of birds. The virus of bird influenza in
    them it is not discovered, they noted in the press- service.

    In Kaliningrad the shooting of wild birds in connection with the bird influenza
    is ended

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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