Joomla! coders to webmaster meetings?

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    Martin W

      Post I made to Joomla! forum, 1 October 2006: After Ken's post, I thought of adding notion that maybe some core team members might join meetings such as webmasterworld, as well as coders' get-togethers. hackwar's earlier comment prompted me to indeed post this. For while it would indeed be stupid to figure H1/H2 tags alone (are H3 useful for SEO?) will get you to number one in search engines, nor will good content alone – not if you are up against competitive terms. (Several times in Google results, I find sites with terrible, even near-zero content, sometimes in amongst competitive search term results.) SEO is complex; content indeed king, but to compete, need to get various things right. Read around on, and can get some ideas of the complexity, inc how things change over time (remember when meta description was major item?). There are people working with Joomla! – such as Ken and others in OpenSEF team, also the folks at JoomlAtWork who did the SEF patch – who know plenty about this, so the J! community has many answers already, just gotta get them into the main Joomla! Indeed, as already noted by Ken and others, doesn't seem to be rocket science. see, for instance: and, couple of pages I've just found via google, from couple of webmasterworld hotshots:

      Martin W

        from post I made to Joomla! forum:

        Quote from: Hackwar on Today at 07:13:30 AM

        My personal opinion on SEO and SEF:
        I think this is not worth the hazzle.

        may give some people a cheap laugh!
        Oh to see Hackwar stand up before a bunch of major league web gurus and say this. Now that could be priceless. :)

        Hackwar quickly replied he’d happily stand up at just such a meeting and say this. Yikes!

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