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    Martin W

      With the scientific debate re whether global warming is real over, and successive reports about hot months, hot years, and unusual droughts, floods, storms etc, it seems that even some diehard sceptics are having to change positions. (Rather as people believing in flat earth, in stars etc going round the earth, in smoking not causing cancer, have changed views or become marginalised eccentrics.) media mogul among them: I have to admit that until recently I was somewhat wary of the warming debate. But I believe it is now our responsibility to take the lead on this issue.

      Rupert Murdoch reveals concern about global warming – could be significant, given the clout of Murdoch's media. In Australia:

      GURRUNDAH, Australia: Australia's long hot summer has barely begun, but already the dams are running dry, crops are stunted from lack of water, and livestock markets are being overwhelmed by farmers trying to sell sheep and cattle they cannot feed. Australia's drought is now in its fourth year, and out in the vast expanses of the Australian outback, where farms that can be the size of small nations mold a hardy breed of farmer, there is desperation. … the biggest change has been to the government's position on global warming.

      Surveys have repeatedly shown that the Australian electorate is worried about the climate, but the drought has brought those fears to a head and forced Prime Minister John Howard's governing coalition to abandon its skeptical position and demonstrate its concern. "Certainly, it has taken people beyond the denial phase on climate change," said Senator Bill Heffernan, a member of the coalition and until recently a rare campaigner within government for more action on global warming. "For the first time the cities are focused on their worries about the future of water supply," he said. "Everyone has taken for granted that you turn the tap on and water comes out. I think they now can see that that might not necessarily continue to be the case."

      Parched in Australia: Drought changes views on warming

      In US:

      America’s voters have delivered a clear message that the newly elected Congress must set the nation on a path to a clean energy future to address the joined priorities of national security and climate security. … it means using the engine of free market innovation to confront global warming by steering the economy away from fossil fuels.

      America Wants a Clean Energy Future – remains to be seen whether US voters really want action to limit global warming; some do – eg march or two lately.

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