Hong Kong water supplies from reservoirs to desalination

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    Dr Frederick Lee Yok-shiu, director of the Water Governance Research Programme at the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Social Sciences,,.deals more in the facts and figures of water, even pondering why Hongkongers use so much to flush toilets.

    “Here, seawater for flushing is free of charge, and on average [we use] 90 litres per day per person – that’s a lot of water for flushing. In Macau, they use about 40 litres per day,” he says. “It’s a mystery to me as to why we use so much.”

    He has a strong focus, too, on the future of Hong Kong water supplies.

    “In recent years, there have been assessments regarding to what extent we can extend the catchment area, and become less dependent on Dongjiang water,” he says. “Singapore has essentially transformed its entire area into a catchment, but while it is technically possible to turn urbanised areas of Hong Kong into catchments, you need to take care not to mix sewage pipes and drainage pipes, and the government believes there’s a limit to extending catchment areas.”

    – from article I’ve written for the South China Morning Post Sunday magazine.

    Why Hong Kong shouldn’t take clean, plentiful water for granted

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