Hong Kong PCCW Now TV Cricket Channel service still dire

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    I’ve a thread here about the cricket channel from PCCW Now TV in Hong Kong; mainly on dire service quality.

    Expensive channel, but a bit random as to what’s shown.

    While can get Sky TV coverage as the feed – which is outstanding, it seems no one in Hong Kong Now TV cares at all about the channel. No one even checking that the feed is correct – which is an issue as i write.

    Just sent this to Consumer Council:

    I subscribe to Now TV’s cricket channel; 674
    It’s an expensive channel
    But service is deplorable. Almost random as to what matches are shown. Seems there is no one to monitor what is showing; right now, showing wrong match – England vs Aus women, instead of main match, England vs S Africa [as in the listing]


    Nor do they make enough use of another cricket channel, 675
    Complaints only reach service people; management seems to be in far away place, immune to criticism, and utterly uncaring about customers.

    Also, after talking to a Now TV customer service guy – without any result, sent this to them:

    Now TV management of the channel SUCKS BIG TIME
    – just want to grab money from customers, and to Hell with ideas of service quality.
    Not customer service people’s fault; surely management, likely off just now enjoying their fat salaries for doing I don’t know what.
    Also don’t know why not using 675 at same time [as main 674 channel]
    Clearly paying for two matches; why not show both, using the two Cricket channels?



    I was asked to send ID card number etc; did so with email adding more info:

    It’s woeful that the issue was not fixed shortly after I complained.

    Should be someone responsible for the cricket channel, ensuring it shows

    best possible matches; and is showing what’s on schedule.

    – along with being able to switch promptly to correct content when 

    there’s an error.

    This in turn should be blindingly obvious.

    But not happening with the cricket channel; seems just a money grab by 

    Now TV with noone in management actually caring in the slightest about 

    customer service.

    [no management people will reply to this; probably none even involved as

    you perhaps reply with bland message about “technical problem” that is 

    just not believable; management just insulated from complaints and 


    Message back; just a generic response, not addressing my emails [my emphasis]:

    From your message, we are sorry to learn of your experience about the 

    channel issue for cricket matches. With regards to your concern about 

    the broadcast program on the channel 674, after investigation, we are 

    sorry to inform you that the TV guide was not updated due to technical 

    issue on 9 July and it has been fixed. Please accept our sincere 

    apologizes for any inconvenient caused. We have feedback this issue to 

    related department to avoid same situation. 

    What complete nonsense! I’ve emailed back:

    Thanks for your message.
    This is utterly unacceptable.
    As I noted, I do not believe there was a “technical issue”.
    – you had started showing the England vs S Africa match, should have continued.
    You did not respond to my email. 
    Clearly, the Now TV management does not care at all about the cricket channel.
    Or why interrupt a major match? – including, as it turned out, on the key day of the match?
    This is woeful service.
    Appalling management, that does not care about customer service or customers.
    Grabbing money for this channel; without any attempt to deliver good product [when there are good matches shown, seems somewhat random]
    Is there any way to reach management responsible; or totally insulated by customer service people with no power to make positive changes?



    Letter by me in South China Morning Post:

    I am among the subscribers to Now TV’s cricket channel; and while there’s a premium price, the quality of service is dire.

    Understandably, given the sport’s low profile in Hong Kong, the content is from elsewhere – India’s Star Sport. But what I can’t understand is that Now TV can still make serious errors, as if the management cares nothing for customers.

    In recent days, this has meant starting to show an England v South Africa test match that’s among the highlights of the year’s cricketing calendar, and interrupting it to show matches in the Women’s World Cup. I have complained, and Now TV’s customer service ­people claimed this was due to a “technical issue”, which is absurd. Star Sport was showing both matches on two channels, so Now TV could have opted to continue the test match. Or, as there are two slots available for cricket, Now TV could have shown both matches simultaneously.

    I have also been informed of my message being passed to the “related department”. Yet it seems no one is home in this mythical department; there is no one charged with overseeing the cricket channel – surely due to a lapse by the management team, which remains aloof, ­remote, and insulated.

    While the cricket channel is minor in the Hong Kong media world, the inept service delivery reflects a management malaise within PCCW Now TV, which in turn affects a great many Hong Kong people.

    I note that the Office of the Communications Authority has a mission centred on fulfilling the vision that Hong Kong has world-class communications services. Perhaps it might assess whether Now TV is delivering woeful rather than world-class services, at least for the cricket channel, and investigate possible alternatives. A few years ago, the channel began showing a match with Hindi commentary. I complained, and after some time it was switched to English, as it would have been from the start if Now TV bothered with quality control.

    Also, the channel has long periods without any cricket at all, just showing people in India talking about cricket.

    Dr Martin Williams, Cheung Chau


    My letter led to this follow up in the Post’s letters page:

    Real cricket fan should manage channels

    I entirely agree with Dr Martin Williams (“Now TV’s test cricket offering substandard”, July 19).

    Because of this, I and many of my friends have been discouraged from subscribing to Now TV’s cricket package. There is a lot of good-quality cricket globally. However, Now TV does not seem to be interested in showing it, but it just wants your money in the form of subscriptions. It needs to appoint someone who really cares about the sport to manage the channels which show cricket, who will know what fans really want to see.

    1. L. Nanik, Tsim Sha Tsui


    Just noticed in inbox, that’s been busy lately:

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, with regard to your

    comment on the interrupting of England vs South Africa 1st Test – Day 3 

    match with Women’s World Cup on channel 674, please be advised that this

    was a result of unexpected program rearrangement from Star Cricket, and 

    we are deeply sorry for the operation gap that such unanticipated change

    was not reflected on the TV program guide.   We have reiterated again 

    the importance of improved communication with our partner and 

    information accuracy internally.

    Also, we understand your frustration on not being able to enjoy the 

    continuity of the event (e.g 15 July Eng V SA 2017 2nd Test Day 2 match 

    & 18 July Eng V SA 2017 2nd Test Day 5 match) , and have shared your 

    concerns about not broadcasting the said cricket matches on all 

    consecutive days to Star Cricket.  We took your comment seriously and 

    will work with our partner Star Cricket to review this on coming program


    Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience caused, we 

    cherish our long term relationship with our customers, as a token of 

    goodwill, we would like to offer $300 Now Dollars for you to select and 

    enjoy our latest Hollywood Blockbusters (For example, Kong: Skull 

    Island, Life and Logan) on our Video Express First library at Channel 

    106, and this Now Dollars will be valid in your account for 6 months.

    We always welcome feedback from our customers, to help us on keeping up 

    with continuous improvement.  If you see the need to rearrange the mix 

    of your current subscription, you are welcome to enquire details of 

    genre packs or channels for further consideration.

    Once again, please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience 


    If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to email us again or

    call our Now TV Customer Service Hotline 1833 888.

    My reply:

    Thanks for your reply.
    This should not have happened in the first place.
    Clearly you have not really taken my comment seriously; nothing about getting someone in charge of the cricket channel instead of leaving to chance; nothing about why not both 674 and 675 in use for such cases.
    Just pisspoor, uncaring PCCW management, giving  you a bunch of hooha to pass to disgruntled customers, while they sit in isolated offices doing nothing useful.
    HK$300 is just sad; nothing like desired response of trying for a good cricket channel.


    After bit of delay, email to PCCW:

    Thanks for the more detailed response.
    Late reply, as headed to UK.
    Well, ok that you say taken comments seriously; but will only believe this if see change for the better.
    Latter in SCMP, below, is further proof that your service has been dire for a long time; and already had requests for improvements falling on deaf ears, with useless uncaring PCCW management just wanting money for almost nothing.


    Cricket fans let down by Now TV channel

    I agree with correspondents who have complained about the standard of cricket coverage provided by Now TV. I have been complaining to them for years, but to no avail.

    I told them how expensive it is to subscribe to the channel and if two important matches were being played on the same day, they needed to show them simultaneously on two channels, yet they have only one.

    I even phoned India’s Star Sports used by Now TV and was told they would send a message to the relevant department.

    Now TV should also use the UK’s Sky Cricket or Willow TV from the US, which also shows cricket.

    Sapkota Madan Hari, Kennedy Town


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