Global warming will be costly for US

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    Martin W

      It’s kind of tiring to keep seeing “skeptics” and cronies bemoaning the supposed cost of taking action to reduce climate change – I’ve even seen it could end “the American Way of Life”, whatever that is.

      But, as shown by new study from University of Maryland, not taking action will lead to massive costs.
      Some info:

      he range of climatic changes anticipated in the United States – from rising sea levels to stronger and more frequent storms and extreme temperature events – will have real impacts on the natural environment as well as human-made infrastructures and their ability to contribute to economic activity and quality of life. These impacts will vary across regions and sectors of the economy, leaving future governments, the private sector and citizens to face the full spectrum of direct and indirect costs accrued from increasing environmental damage and disruption.

      The effects will be felt by the entire nation:

      * All sectors of the economy will be affected.
      * Essential infrastructures for reliable services and high standards of living and health (such as water supply and water treatment) will be impacted.
      * Ecosystems, on which quality of life relies (such as forests, rivers and lakes), will suffer.

      Five Key Lessons

      1. Economic impacts of climate change will occur throughout the country.
      2. Economic impacts will be unevenly distributed across regions and within the economy and society.
      3. Negative climate impacts will outweigh benefits for most sectors that provide essential goods and services to society.
      4. Climate change impacts will place immense strains on public sector budgets.
      5. Secondary effects of climate impacts can include higher prices, reduced income and job losses.

      The US Economic Impacts of Climate Change and the Costs of Inaction
      – from this page, you can download the full report, as well as executive summary, and regional summaries.

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