Global Warming Special 6-18-08

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    June 18th, Art Fennel Reports, on CN8, The Comcast Network, will travel to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe to tackle the issue of Global Warming. Art will anchor the show high atop the mountains of Squaw Valley, USA which is a ski resort in the Sierra mountains. We will discuss the main environmental effects of climate change, including snow/glacier melt as well as how increasing temperatures and the subsequent droughts are fueling the wildfires. Art will talk to Norm Miller, a staff scientist in the Earth Sciences Division at Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley. We’ll also take a tour of some of the charred land in Tahoe which experienced some of the worst wildfires last year. We’ll be talking to the U.S. Forest Service. Health effects of global warming are another major topic. We’ll sit down with Dr. Mirta Roses Periago who is the director of the Pan American Health Organization (an offshoot of the World Health Organization.) Janet Zappala will do a piece on Squaw Valley’s Sustainable Slopes program, which is their initiative to give back to the environment through recycling, special heating/cooling, weed and seed, etc. And Justin Lock will be in San Francisco talking about rising tides and ocean levels. We’ll talk to Will Travis of the San Fran Bay Conservation and Development Commission as well as Noah Knowles of the U.S. Geological Survey.

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