Find out why global warming is real

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    Good commentary in the Times, by Dr Colin Summerhayes, an oceanographer and geologist at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, includes:

    there is overwhelming evidence that the Earth is getting hotter.

    ocean temperatures are increasing and ocean heat content has increased considerably over the upper 700 metres since 1965

    the ocean has expanded, and sea-level has risen

    warmer ocean waters are penetrating beneath the outlet glaciers in Greenland and in the Amundsen Sea Embayment of West Antarctica

    warm air is contributing to the melting of Arctic sea ice

    glaciers are in retreat in most mountain areas

    Faced with these observable facts, and knowing that carbon dioxide and methane have increased significantly in abundance since the industrial revolution, my conclusion is that the Earth is warming due to absorption of reflected radiation by greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.

    If global warming is real why is it cold?

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