Drupal developers abandoned small site builders

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    Post I’ve just made on discussion re Drupal 8 having issues including declining user base:

    I got into building sites with CMS some years ago, after pub discussion with guy whose business revolved around such things. He’d mentioned Drupal; but I looked at info, found it complex. I built with Mambo; then to Joomla; felt Joomla developers were a bit up themselves, not into helping things like search engine friendliness…

    And then, to Drupal; seemed to me on the right track. I think started w Drupal 5.

    Certainly I used Drupal 6; went through the pain/hassle of these changes between cms as naively believed the hype about being for users like me [non-coders wanting to build sites] and about advances towards being more user friendly.

    Took a while, but I moved to Drupal 7 [was it really an “upgrade” for me? – not really]. Some things stopped working; took trouble to get photo galleries, say, about functioning.

    And now this situation.

    Seems to me Dries and co just have their heads in the clouds; maybe blinded by the funding, the appeal to enterprises. And with this, the hell with small users; Drupal as “drop” just forgotten/abandoned.

    So feel angry, betrayed; surely there are others who feel likewise. Non developers, with sites that might function, but where to go?

    WordPress migration of course tempting; but not simple at all it appears.

    I look at Backdrop; seems a great idea, very worthy, but maybe not enough “sex appeal” to draw many developers … yet [?] But looks the place I might head

    And Drupal 8 can head off into the clouds; and Drupal into history… [and, perhaps, enterprise “space”]

    – while something else that occurs to me: Drupal 9 as something that can be reached from 8, but also from D7 without having to pass thro D8.

    Posted to this page, on need to talk about Drupal 8: http://davehall.com.au/blog/dave/2017/04/19/drupal-we-need-talk

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