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    I’ve made a few posts to Webmasterworld forum re new search engine, Cuil; launched as next big thing in search, but proving woeful in reality. As you may gather, I’m not too impressed.


    Looks like "kweel" to me, or maybe "choyl" …

    Old Irish word for knowledge, eh? (says about us page, which first gave me error [had I typed in link correctly?])

    Yes, dodgy results, not inspiring return visits.
    Layout makes it look tough to get load of results (100 on page – not an option in preferences) and scan down thro them.

    Tried one place I’ve done site on, and didn’t find my site, but various photos of mine scattered around other sites (one used as logo on a site; others just on homepages)

    For a bigger place, the list of "cities in …" was woeful; hard to know how it was arrived at.

    Will a Kuleguy appear here, seek ideas, n lead to rapid changes? Doubt it; the bluster suggests the ancient Irish knowledge folks were happy with Cuil thus far.



    "they clearly have something here"

    What they still "have" is my photos slapped onto results for other sites – for one term [Cheung Chau] (and I’ve checked only around five), eight of the top 20 results accompanied by my photos; and – sob! – my sites not among them.

    They may have kissed the blarney stone as far as getting publicity goes [come on, using old Irish word for knowledge that most folk can’t even pronounce – pretentious or what?]; but search engine quality suggests they need to go back to scuil.


    Just tried quick search re a major city/territory [Hong Kong] – see if any more of my photos slapped on results for other sites.

    One of top results was to an airline [Oasis] that started up to challenge the big boys, got a lot of publicity, and went bust
    cuil algorithm (assuming there is one!) finding a soulmate?

    Anyone noticed re article saying different computers or whatever are supposed to know of different things, like sport etc? As cuil gets busier, they may shut down, so results worsen.
    A novel feature, then, could be a bar showing how busy cuil is; the busier, the more appalling the results.
    That is, providing that the poor thing isn’t suffering "excessive load".

    Any KewlGuy started here yet? Or still at scuil for search.


    Shoddy piece of workmanship, from the name onwards.

    Maybe it was launched at this time, w fanfare, due to pressure from investors – wondering what would happen after all the hoopla, the pompous powerpoint performances (doubtless identifying google’s weak points – black text on a white background; I mean, who does that these days?!)

    Tho investors batty too; should have had a look, had their kids n friends take a peek.

    I only hazily recall search in the days BG – but as I recall, excite n co did a reasonable job; but google outperformed them from the first time I visited.
    Google started with an idea (links as votes; obvious in hindsight).
    Cuil started with just bombast n hot air?

    Still no Cuilguy, or should that be Cuilgai or somesuch.

    Bet if you could find anyone who admits to working at cuil, and can talk, you’d find things there not too happy – surely doubts re name, and surely various people keenly aware re massive quality issues.


    it is a baby search engine learning to crawl.

    more like a purportedly fully-fledged search engine, that hopped out of the nest, roared "Hello world, I’m huge and I’m gonna soar!", then plummetted to the ground, joining the remains of startups that never really flew.

    Obviously, they have some work to do.

    – same could be said of all alternative search engines, indeed any company that has less than prime or even lousy product/service. Doesn’t mean the work’ll get done.
    Even google has some work to do.

    A bird emerges from the nest, no one expects it to swoop n soar n do barrel rolls, but if you can’t flap as far as the next tree, start being able to feed yourself, you won’t be around long.

    Not sure if folk overly patronising re Joe Public; if so incapable of telling when searches decent, so-so or pap, I don’t think google would have become so dominant. Plus, cuil not in zone of being so-so, so need to look hard and be smarty pants web expert to know things could be better; it’s terrible.


    just to the Register article inc strawberries and muffins

    You have to be nice to people

    – and, it seems, continue being nice even when results lousy, and other photos from sites slapped around willy-nilly

    350 employees,did I read? Some US$33 million?
    = and results worse than I recall from search engines in days before google? (If the web was new, might think cuil has potential; but as noted, it’s 2008)

    Yes, Asia proved a flop, despite hype; sold albums, but when did you last hear a track by them?

    Indeed wonder if fandom flying in face of quality results from shares bought and/or unduly strong friendships, or simply having rosy tinted monitor.

    Register article sums up in first sentence:

    Cuil is pants.

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