cranes, storks, bustards in nov 2005

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    Martin W

      great to see Chinese birders now doing more at Beidaihe, inc this autumn (here, editing message posted to oriental bird club newsgroup, to include just Beidaihe records)

      Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 10:16:29 +0800 (CST) From: Beijing BWS Subject: China Birding News Nov 2005 Dear OBers, Greetings from Mainland China.

      Below is the China Birding News for November 2005. Oriental White Storks at Beidaihe, Hebei: 565 flew over at 17:10 on 8 Nov; 257 flew over at 6:35 on 9 Nov; 292 flew at 9:00; 70 flew over at 13:10 the same day[Liu Xuezhong]; 

      Red-crowned Cranes at Beidaihe, Hebei on 11 Nov: 98 flew over at 13:31, 46 flew over at 13:45[Liu Xuezhong];

      Two Great Bustards flew over Beidaihe, Hebei on 15 Nov[Liu Xuezhong];

      Good Birding!

      Beijing Bird Watching Society

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