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    Martin W

      here are comments, prior to my upgrading website sofware:

      From Dr George Archibald, director of International Crane Foundation (by email): “Many thanks for all the goodwill effort you invested in producing such an excellent plan. [for conservation at Beidaihe]”

      From Charlie Moores of Birds Korea “Good job, Martin – nicely presented. We’ve got a similar report to write of the “tidying-up” of Socheong Island – a cracking place for migrants that now birding tourists are turning up, the local councillors would like to develop the infrastructure (when will they learn)…you might well see your template being used elsewhere!… 2005-05-28 12:38:08

      martin Hi Dave: Mr Tao joined a couple more surveys in the late 80s; became enthusiastic – for one of these, he used his own holiday. But, I don’t know that he managed to follow up by work involving ornithology; haven’t heard from/of him for years. (Another student joined us; then at his institute in ne China, boss had him involved in raising ducks [for food markets], to bring institute some money. Donated a scope to Tao’s institute [can’t recall source of this] – he used it for one survey, but later, I was told it was being used by forestry dept to help watch for forest fires [!]) 2005-05-25 09:09:58

      Guest Wonderful to hear how things are going 20 years on Martin. Did you ever run into Mr Tao again? 2005-05-24 15:33:12

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