Climate change deniers akin to creationists

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    Good article on Christian Science Monitor's bright green blog, on similarities between global warming deniers and creationists – both wilfully ignoring/misunderstanding science, and in some cases deniers are also creationists. Includes:

    Both groups willfully ignore mountains of firmly established scientific evidence. Both groups falsely portray the scientific community as divided over settled science. Both groups make spurious appeals to academic freedom, arguing that “both sides” of the debate should be presented as though they possess equal merit. And both groups derive most of their funding from privately funded think tanks, having scant presence in the science departments of accredited colleges and universities.

    it’s unlikely that a modern-day trial of climate science would be anything more than a tendentious circus.

    But climate change, unlike evolution, is happening on a time scale that humans can directly observe. If the Chamber of Commerce has its way and action to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions is delayed, we can expect that the effects of these emissions will be widely felt and acknowledged by those who will inherit the climate.

    Are climate change deniers like creationists?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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