British government among dawdlers re climate change

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    Martin W

      Globally, seeing plenty of talk re climate change, but few governments that actually walk the walk. – which to me seems good theme for a thread. Here, starting with British government, in my native UK. Here, from article in the Guardian, by director of Greenpeace UK; seems British govt not only dawdling, but backpeddalling – especially bad given I've heard apparently good stuff re the issue from Tony Blair.

      At the centre of Britain's efforts to tackle climate change are targets for renewable energy, energy efficiency and ultra-efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

      Yet as warnings about the impact of global warming grow more severe, every single one of those targets is projected to be missed or has already been abandoned. With the agreement in March of a vital new European deal to generate 20% of our energy use (not just electricity, but heat and transport as well) from renewable sources by 2020, signed in a final flourish by Tony Blair, the UK's shortfall is even more acute. …

      The gulf between the UK's poor achievements and deteriorating international climate credibility on the one hand, and Germany's performance on the other, is stark. … If the UK had achieved Germany's level of renewable development then today we would already have 18% of our electricity coming from renewables (as much as we currently have from all our nuclear power stations combined) and around 7% of our heat as well.

      It's rip-off Britain, even when it comes to climate change

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