bird trade and aviculture

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    Martin W

      Interesting thread on Oriental Bird Club’s yahoo group – all but one against trade for aviculture so far.

      I just added my four penn’orth:

      So, judging by this thread, bird trade almost sent Bali starling into oblivion, yet is now its saviour. Hmm….

      Note re Indonesian birds reminds me of travelling through farmland in parts of Java – and other areas in Asia – and seeing zero or extremely few birds (I rather figure “Useless Bird Areas” could even be of some use, helping show how special the places with birds are).

      Seems to me bird trade – for “aviculture” – is a key factor behind such dearths of birds. (Aviculture in quotes, as – as noted by Myles – for too many species, there is no breeding in captivity: birds from wild die locally – inc as locals keep birds; die when moved to other places; die a long way from home, with little or no chance to even reproduce, let alone patrol territories)

      Maybe some progress could be achieved if shift aviculture towards species that can be sustained in captivity. And if that means that variety limited to small range inc budgies or whatever, so be it. Birds aren’t postage stamps.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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