Bird Flu Panic Pandemic Spreads Into Africa

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    Martin W

      Thanks to notions birds will carry H5N1 into Africa – based only on supposition, with pretty darn flimsy evidence, but reported in press, including Nature (getting caught up in the Salem Bird Trials; so caught up, that article re possible spread to Africa illustrated with big photo of Snow Geese – which are north American) – it seems people there are becoming unnecessarily concerned.

      “The radio said bird flu was coming and I know the danger,” said Frontie Kekamei, 45, a taxi driver in Kigali, capital of the tiny African country of Rwanda.

      “My family have come to an agreement to kill all the 8 hens and 10 geese we are keeping but to frozen the meat as soon as Kigali tests the disease,” said Frontie, “without chicken, my wife and I have no meat to feed our three kids and my 72-year-old mother.”

      Poultry is often the only meat that many Africans can afford. In the hunger-hit continent with almost half of its population live below one dollar a day, people depend on chicken as their main protein sources.

      Martin W

        recent media reports have included Zimbabwe finding bird flu, but testing and finding it’s H5N2.

        So, autumn over, and FAO predictions re virus headed to Africa proved utterly wrong.

        Meanwhile, great rash of outbreaks in poultry farms in China, particularly.
        FAO didn’t predict that for some reason; tho seemed likely based on past experience (which is surely how science works).

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