Bali talks like town hall meeting re putting out raging fire

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    Martin W

      More talks re warming – and, appropriately, surely more hot air – in Bali just now; but surely won’t be much action as result. Commentary on this in Time, includes:

      If international leaders were as united as the scientific community on climate change, warming might be a thing of the past.

      with the Kyoto set to go into effect in 2008, this year’s talks in Bali will be the most important international environmental negotiations in over a decade.

      “It’s really critical to get negotiations formally started,” says David Doniger, the policy director of the Natural Resource Defense Council’s climate center. “We’re almost at the point of no return. If we don’t turn these emission trends down soon, we’re cooked.”

      The good news is that the White House is seemingly the only place green hasn’t gone mainstream.

      Despite the fact that we are rapidly running out of time to cap carbon emissions — the head of the IPCC has said the world has until 2015 at the latest — Bali is just the beginning of the beginning, not the end.

      The whole process can seem frustratingly slow, considering how dire the threat of climate change is — as if we were convening a town hall meeting to decide to put out a fire that is already raging. “Getting 185 countries around a negotiating table is a difficult way to run the world,” says Andrew Deutz, who heads the Nature Conservancy’s International Institutions and Agreements team. “But the advantage of the UN process is that it’s about the process. It can continue to evolve.” That’s already begun to happen in recent years, as consensus on global warming has grown in every corner of the world, as businesses have turned to alternative power and governments have begun to set their own caps on carbon. But we’re in a race and we’re already behind. If we can’t get off to a good start at Bali, we may never catch up.

      Can We Save the World by 2015?

      Martin W

        Al Gore will talk at Bali, and will show petition calling on world leaders to take action. You can sign the petition at:
        Join Al Gore in Bali

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