Action ok even if disagree on science

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    Interesting article in Washington Post tallies with another article I read recently – saying even climate change skeptics can agree with various measures that would help clean the air, reduce fossil fuel use … and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Could even be that in their heart of hearts, even many a staunch denier believes in man-made climage change and its adverse impacts.) Includes:

    People can support the transition to a carbon-free energy future without believing, or even knowing, that it might influence glaciers, coral reefs or Arctic ice.

    There is a long list of carbon-reduction measures that strong majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents firmly support, including mandating better fuel efficiency, increasing federal funding for clean-energy research, spending more for mass transit, raising efficiency standards for homes and other buildings, and requiring utilities to produce more energy from renewable sources. They even support limits on emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases – just as long as they are seen as anti-pollution measures, not "caps."

    How to stop global warming – even if you don't believe in it

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