A Feather for Prof. Mettenleiter

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    Join us!

    A Feather for Prof. Mettenleiter

    Currently 320 000 ducks, which have been „precautionary killed“ within the attempt to epidemic prevention of H5N1 in Schwandorf, Germany and worldwide 260 billions of birds are accusing us:

    Prof. Mettenleiter is searching for H5N1 – let’s send him samples of feathers!

    Yet, the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute as the responsible Federal State authority has failed to provide comprehensive and unprejudiced epidemiological investigations [1].

    Therefore, Prof. Mettenleiter, chairman of the institute, is among others directly responsible for the senseless killing of healthy animals. Thus, let’s send him some feathers, to help him chasing the „supervirus“. It doesn’t matter if they come from your own coop or if you found them in the open country. Mr. Mettenleiter, if you should read this text, you may rest assured that we are going to help you with your search operation. We will find some feathers for you. Yet, we can still find some…

    On the 12 October 2007 it is planned to pass the “Order of Prevention of Bird Flu 601/07” in the Federal Council of Germany. The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute has been significantly participating in the draft law.

    Should this law pass in the current form, it will in the medium-term be the end of all free-range poultry keeping, if not of all private bird keeping in Germany.

    We want to help inspiring the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute to carry out an unprejudiced investigation besides of the prevalently accusing of wild birds. We also want to help leading to a detailed investigation of the spreading of H5N1 through routes of transport and to find the causal relevance of intensive mass animal farming in the disease. Therefore, we won’t be too fussy with the „feathers”, we are going to send to the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute: Since the German word „Feder“ has several meanings (feather, spring, quill, suspension etc.), you can’t only send in all these things, but also shuttlecocks, analogue clockworks, continental quilts, feather dusters, all kind of springs, spring washers, suspensions etc.

    Please send your „collection of feathers“ by 02 Oktober 2007 to:

    Prof. Dr. Thomas C. Mettenleiter
    c/o Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut
    – confidential –
    Boddenblick 5a
    17498 Greifswald – Insel Riems

    To make sure, that your laboriously collected “feathers” don’t get lost send them – if possible – as registered mail.

    [1] see also (only availeably in german, sorry for that): Petermann, Peter: „Epidemiologische Untersuchung von aktuellen Vogelgrippe- bzw. Geflügelpest-Fällen in Deutschland – ein notwendiges Plädoyer für eine seriöse, umfassende, wissenschaftlich fundiert Untersuchung“

    More informations: http://www.symposium.federtiere.net

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