20km of bird nets Tianjin and Tangshan

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    Horrendous mist netting discovered; just the one suspect nabbed…

    After an investigation into two illegal hunting areas where at least 5,000 birds have been killed, Tianjin police have arrested a suspect for allegedly catching and killing endangered wild birds, Beijing Morning News reported.

    On Oct. 9, Chinas State Forestry Administration dispatched special working teams to the northern city Tianjin and its neighboring city, Tangshan, to clamp down on illegal hunting and provide on-site supervision of the removal of trammel nets and other traps.

    Local forest regulators vowed to join hands with the police, locating those involved in the trapping and selling of the birds.

    In early October, volunteers uncovered two massive bird hunting areas in the two cities, where they have since removed trammel nets totaling 20,000 meters in length, saving an estimated 3,000 birds from the nets.

    At least 5,000 dead birds were seen hanging on the extensive trammel nets. The dead and rotten birds on the ground were just uncountable,” a volunteer said.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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