Hi one more time!

19 July 2009, after 12.00 PM we note our storks to fly for first time. It was really a short time flight, but the bird was out from the nest more than 2 minutes.
For longer time flights we are waiting day by day to see slowly all the storks to fly and after…empty nest.
Enjoy them in: http://www.bociany.ec.pl as they are stil in the nest.

Best regards
Eva Stets

1 – Some photos from the initial flights you can see here: http://bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=18422#p18422
2 – On 19 July the Aggressor came at the evening but one from the parents throw him out quickly immediately.
3 – Down are photos taken on 20 July, when the youngs try to test their wings strenth.

170207.jpg 170519.jpg