Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria

Martin W

A scientific paper that’s just out says that it’s impossible to predict with certainty just how bad climate change will be (I’ve posted to new thread re this). Led to one of the most stupid blog posts I’ve seen, on American "Thinker". Includes:

an entire Global Warming fraud industry has grown up, based on years of pseudo-scientific false alarms, and feeding scare headlines without end around the world. But the science is finally clear: Any reasonable evidence [sic] is not only missing, but can in principle not be obtained in a system as complex as the earth climate. End of story — at least among scientists with a shred of integrity left.

SCIENCE: Earth climate is too complex to predict Well, what bone-headed, crass crap. Not only does the writer confuse "reasonable evidence" with information needed for detailed modelling, but he also gets whole argument utterly wrong – as well as being curiously selective in what science he likes: ie most climate change science wrong, but when paper re uncertainty comes out it’s correct. I’ve posted to the writer’s blog:

Suppose some pinko-liberal or even commie country were to go to war with the US of A – exactly how many people would die? Or even if some terrorists let off a few dirty bombs in some US cities, how many would die now and in future, inc from side effects? You can’t predict for sure? Then – according to your absurd piece on American Idiot (Thinker? – hahahaha, gimme a break) these are not real threats, and we shouldn’t do anything to prevent them happening.