Martin W

And yet, seems Oxford persists in blaming wild birds; just quoted in Times online, re small bird popping down ventilation shaft.
Waterfowl are likeliest carriers

I’ve sent comment (who knows if will appear on site):

If wild birds in UK were infected with H5N1, we’d see significant mortality.

No wild bird species shown to be able to survive and sustain and spread H5N1.

Though of course, “wild birds” are ready scapegoats – the Tooth Fairy Bird persists, and in John Oxford’s brain has now shrunk and popped down a ventilation shaft (caught a deadly disease in Hungary, flew unseen and without infecting others, all the way to Suffolk, where it flew right down the shaft, and dematerialised).


– but not all media reporting on wild birds only. Seen this info, re report on UK Channel 4 tv news:

They reported that the H part of the H5N1 in the Suffolk outbreak is very closely related to
the Hungarian H5N1 strain. (Info from UK Govt).

Secondly, there have been lorries travelling from north-west Hungary carrying poultry meat
from SaGa factories (owned by Bernard Matthews) directly to the Suffolk farm.

When the above was put to the Envt Minister, his reaction was say that the Hungarian
outbreak and the SaGa farm were a long way away from each other. [True, but the next news
item was Russia and Japan ban imports of UK poultry…perhaps SE to NW Hungary isn’t such a
long distance after all].

The TV interviewer then asked the Minister why it was that “biosecure” farms were most at
risk, and quoted a US Govt paper that had come to this conclusion. The Minister had no
answer to that one…!