Reply To: Is Joomla! aimed at helping build great websites?

Martin W

    post I’ve just made to webmasterworld thread, where poster asked above question: Joomla (1.0.xx) has problems with "itemids" left over from Mambo, resulting in duplicate URLs problem. These add to URLs; can get fresh itemid for every link you create to an item (page) – so can get www dot domain.blahblah.1, www dot domain.blahblah2 etc etc – all for same page. Also, can’t create individual meta tags for pages (tho some improvement here). There are some 3rd party fixes: I use OpenSEF for URLs (tho doesn’t work for all third party components, like my photo galleries); SEO Patch helps with meta tags and some other issues. Sadly, Joomla core team seem to be code gurus rather than website creators; when it comes to SEO issues, prone to downplaying their importance, and even explaining why various SEO features aren’t in basic Joomla. (I’ve just responded to one such post on J forum; found this thread after searching webworld, lest there might be nifty alternative: I looked at drupal some time ago, couldn’t get my head round the "nodes" etc and didn’t see site designs I liked.) But, with help such as OpenSEF, I think Joomla is very helpful for creating sites. The security issues seem ok for now, partly as Joomla now running with globals.php off, whatever that means (! – apparently should make it a good bit safer) Plenty of third party add-ons, tho development of these uneven, and at times become abandonware.