Reply To: Sceptics on global warming a baby-boomer, yuppie thing etc

Martin W

    God knows what’s wrong with American right-wing ranters, who continue to confuse science with politics.

    Classic stuff on Free Market News, by Noel Gibeson, Print and Radio Commentator (err, not a scientist of any kind then? ‘course not – science is for lefties; right-wingers don’t need clean air, clean water, safe environments: heck, perhaps it’s true and they are all Cylons).

    Now we hear that the debate is over and the case is closed; their other god has ruled – the United Nations – has decided that global warming is ’caused’ by Man so there is no need for any further discussion; it is time for action. Surprise! This type of socialist-collectivist mentality could not be further from either the truth or from reality.


    I’ve just submitted comment:

    Bet you Free Marketeers also figure gravity’s some kind of pinko-liberal plot, along with those nasty evolution conspiracies, plate tectonics and so on.
    All cooked up by wishy washy doomsaying gloom-mongers who aim to stop Free Marketeers floating about at will.

    I write from Hong Kong – toastiest February I’ve known in 20 years here.
    But this is global warming : means that world temps on the rise, and best fit is with anthropogenic warming, rest merely hand waving, seized on and spread by greedy liars and obfuscators.

    You can deny warming like latter-day Canutes willing the tide to stop coming in (or religious berks adhering to notions of heavens revolving around earth), but your idiocy shouldn’t be messing with my future, my kid’s future.