Martin W

some human translations of selected info:

1 "Lhasa City made to seize the opportunity to develop its railway industry" 2006-04-25 To boost animal husbandry with arrival of Tibet railway, BHG breeding base (for poultry/eggs) established in Gongka [Meldrogonkar] county which has wetlands and reservoir also suitable for aquaculture.

2 "200 only Bantouyan return to nature" Yesterday (Aug 29, 2005) 200 BHGs were released at Lhalu wetlands http://tinyurl.com/ogoo2, move aimed at increasing awareness of importance of nature and natural harmony and increasing spp at Lhalu and sustainable development. The birds were reared in Lhasa, given free by company to mark opening of Lhalu national reserve.

3 "China’s first successful artificial breeding of wild Bantouyan" China artificially rears BHGs for first time, 300 in southern mountains. Head of local livestock bureau Wang Huaiting said herders gathered over 300 abandoned eggs near Yamzho Yumco Lake (one of three sacred lakes) 

success rate was 99% and 100% reached maturity. They now weigh over 2kg. Numbers have dropped in wild because of environmental degradation, only remaining site is Yamzho Yumco where there are 30,000 birds. Wang said after they have bred on large scale some will be released in wild, this year (2003) local authority plans to build a three mln yuan (£200,000) (this is not 300 mln yuan!) wild BHG breeding centre based entirely on habitat of wild birds. (Implies that birds will also be bred for meat/eggs).