Martin W

Just as actual news on H5N1 rather quieter than of late, as it continues in Mr Neutron role (it really, honestly is the most dangerous disease on earth) comes announcement of made-for-tv movie, Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America

Despite the early warning, the H5N1 virus has mutated into a version that can spread from human to human — shown in eye-opening detail whenever the microbes start to permeate the atmosphere – across races, nationalities, genders and ages.


– that should be good for the H5N1 profiteers, and others in the Flu Fearmongering community.
Perhaps I should start another site, on scary bird flu, make a bit of dough selling masks, unproven remedies, survival guides etc etc; add some mumbo-jumbo that seems based on religion.
The movie, incidentally, looks rather as a novel I’d vaguely planned, back in the days before came across evolutionary biology and pathogens info, which scuppered my plans I’m afraid.