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    “For dealing with the bird influenza in the Altai they organize “noise campaign” and will solve the hunting”:

    The plan of measures for opposition to the propagation of the virus
    of bird influenza is affirmed in the Altai. As reports correspondent
    IA regnum, in contrast to previous, into this plan much new is
    introduced. Besides vaccination, it is intended to solve
    spring-summer hunting the planktonic bird and to organize “noise
    campaign” in order to frighten away migratory birds in the regions,
    which find on the way of their migration. They assume that such
    regions it will be 17.

    As they reported in the administration of veterinary science for
    Altai edge, population will be drawn for creating the sound effects
    “it will be possible to knock by buckets and sticks. The main thing –
    to create the factor of uneasiness for the birds “, declare
    veterinary surgeons.

    In order not to give to migratory birds to nest and to enter the
    contact with the domestic feathered, they will solve hunting.
    Furthermore, birds they will drive off by noise.

    spookily reminiscent of Mao’s campaign vs “sparrows” (one of “four evils”) – people then letting off firecrackers, banging on woks etc etc, even at night. [see, eg, Wild Swans book by Jung Chang]

    In China, “sparrows” thought to be grain-eating pests. In practice of course, many birds killed. Led to surge in insect pests; Mao had to stop sparrow campaign.

    “Learned ornithologists consider the shooting of birds useless (Saint Petersburg)”:

    Ornithologists consider the shooting of birds on the Baltic migratory
    way useless from the point of view of protection from the virus of
    the influenza of birds. As reports correspondent IA regnum, about
    this today, on 6 March, the senior scientific worker of zoological
    institute RAN [RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE] Vladimir khrabryy stated
    at the press conference in Saint Petersburg. “in the zoological
    institute RAN [RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE] is comprised the letter,
    signed by the director of the institute Aleksandr Alimov, in which
    the scientists express their point of view to the problem: the
    ornithologists do not have complete confidence, that the migratory
    birds are the basic peddlers H5N1. Shooting itself we consider
    harmful and medieval deystvom, 98% of hunters even do not
    distinguish, at what birds they shoot “, noted scientist.

    According to Vladimir khrabry, migratory birds stop on the North
    coast of Gulf of Finland from Lakhty to the fox nose, on south – from
    Znamenki to the dam, and also around dam and Kronstadt, in the fields
    around Saint Petersburg in Koltush region, Pushkin, Kolpina, krasnoe
    selo, gorelova. 40 it is specific birds in Leningrad region they are
    carried into the Red Books of different level, 8 it is specific – in
    the Red Book RF, 23 – in the Red Book Of baltiki, 17 it is specific –
    in the Red Book of Fennoscandia, 6 it is specific they are introduced
    into the international Red Book. In Saint Petersburg they live
    150-200 thousand gray crows, 300 thousand different winterring birds,
    300 thousand seagulls of different it is specific. Daily each bird
    eats 100-150 grams of different fodder, including food withdrawals.

    Vladimir khrabryy reported also that soon the group of the scientists
    of zoological institute RYBACHY [RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE] will leave
    for the biological station on The Kuronian Spit in the environs of
    Kaliningrad for the ringing of birds and their study. “the yearly
    scientists of institute ring 10 thousand birds on The Kuronian Spit. In this year it is intended to ring so many birds. Any means
    of protection the scientists not had – it is not separated to this of
    means, by any studies, connected with the influenza of birds they be
    occupied also not will be “, noted brave.

    As reported today the chief specialist for the administration for the
    veterinary science of the government of Saint Petersburg Valerie
    yashina, on the urban dumps they will catch seagulls and cormorants
    on the Finnish technology. Only the part of the birds, according to
    The the yashinoy, is intended to kill with the aid of the carbon
    dioxide. Yashina certified, that this will be done only “for purposes
    of the civilized regulation of synanthropic bird, as this occurs in
    all civilized countries”, but about the assumed quantity it did not
    report the birds intended for the destruction.

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