All I could find was a paper of 2002about H5N1 in duck meat

A HPAI H5N1 Virus was analysed which had been found in ducks imported to South Korea from China.
The Duck meat had been processed at a food factory in Shanghai, mainland China, and brought from farms located in the Shanghai region. Seven shipment containers out of 15 containers imported from a Shanghai food factory were positive for influenza virus, yielding seven isolates. All seven isolates were typed as an influenza A H5N1 (DK/Anyang/AVL-1/01)
The virus was hihgly pathogenous in chicken but in contrast, neither morbidity, mortality, nor gross lesions were observed in the ducks inoculated

There is a new discussion about the role of industrial poultry feed, especially fishmeal
in the spread of infectious virus.

Has anyone details?