Environmental consultant

I work on biodiversity for environmental impact assessments in mainland China and Hong Kong.

With my science background and extensive experience in watching and studying birds, including in China, I work on biodiversity related aspects of environmental impact assessments in mainland China and Hong Kong. 

I have served as environmental consultant for World Bank and Asian Development Bank funded projects (and potential projects) in mainland China – in Sichuan, northeast Inner Mongolia, Fujian, and Zhejiang.

For the Sichuan project, related to construction of the Ertan Hydropower Plant, I was the first consultant on terrestrial biodiversity to work on a World Bank project in China. My work included surveying birds in the vicinity of the planned reservoir (and near the reservoir after it was created), as well as recommendations regarding mitigation measures and forest conservation.

In 2004, I consulted on wetlands on the shore of Hangzhou Bay, east China, as the World Bank assisted preparations for building a new city, Cixi. Only brief consultation, yet had an impact: comment from World Bank later said: “Your original observations regarding the importance of the tidal mudflats was sound and provided the conceptual basis for the development of the project.”
The project included the Cixi Hangzhou Bay Wetland Centre.

I have recently given brief advice on wind farm projects in northeast China, regarding potential impacts on migratory birds. Not hired as consultant for one of these projects as there were concerns my findings might lead to project permission being withdrawn! (it did not help that the site was beside a coastal wetland reserve, and is a migration stopover for endangered species including Siberian Crane) – yet I remain intrigued to learn whether wind farms can have significant impacts on migratory birds in China, and whether these impacts can be effectively minimised/mitigated.

Plus, I have participated in environmental assessments in Hong Kong: chiefly bird surveys at sites including Shalotung and Sham Chung, where developments were planned, as well as survey of wetland birds at artificial wetlands created during construction of West Rail.

During these projects, I have aimed to boost conservation, through recommending appropriate mitigation measures, and encouraging nature tourism in a broad sense.

Please contact me via form below, or email martin [at] drmartinwilliams.com, if you have a project I can help with.

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